Noor Riyadh 2023/2024
Apprenticeship Program

Supporting bright futures

Realise your potential within the Creative industries

Are you passionate about the arts and eager to pave your way in a creative discipline? The Noor Riyadh 2023 Apprenticeship Program could be for you. Every year Noor Riyadh provides young people with the opportunity to learn and gain valuable experience through an apprenticeship as part of Noor Riyadh’s wider community engagement program.

Who will benefit from an apprenticeship and what are the qualification criteria?

Both the Festival and Exhibition Apprenticeship programs have been designed to support young Saudis in acquiring skills, gaining knowledge, and boosting confidence to help them in their careers.

Qualification criteria include:

• Saudi National
• 18-35 years
• Male or female
• Educated to diploma/degree level within a related subject (art, humanities, design, technical courses relating to creative industries)
• Additional criteria may apply to individual programs

A choice of two programs – Exhibition or Festival?

Offering emerging creatives a choice of programs – one based around the Noor Riyadh festival and the other on the Exhibition – each offers a blended curriculum of different specialisms, hands-on learning and theoretical knowledge.

Each path is designed to equip you with industry-specific insights and skills, enhancing your readiness for a thriving career in the arts and creative industries.

Noor Riyadh Exhibition Apprenticeship 2023/2024
Program description:

What does it take to be part of the team delivering the Noor Riyadh Exhibition?

This six-month program provides the next generation of creatives with practical and experimental learning opportunities, including a chance to interact with a community of artists and experts in their field.

The program includes guidance sessions from experienced mentors, group sessions with fellow trainees, interactions with art industry specialists and field trips to museums, exhibitions, and other cultural places, as well as opportunities to take part in cooperative seminars and workshops with the Region’s artistic community.

Apprentices will have the opportunity to dive into enriching dialogues with a vibrant community of artists and seasoned professionals involved in the Exhibition, benefit from mentorship sessions, and grow alongside a diverse cohort of trainees during specialized group interactions.

Candidates can choose between the following disciplines:

• Event management
• Curatorial
• Artist development
• Art exhibition operations


20 weeks over a 6-month period (300-400 hours)

Noor Riyadh Festival Apprenticeship 2023/2024
Program description:

The 3 months Festival Apprenticeship Program is an invitation to embark on an unparalleled artistic expedition.

Intended for Riyadh-based, Saudi students and recent graduates (1 year) across diverse disciplines, the program aims to elevate the appreciation of art for regional graduates.

The program is a gateway to understanding the fundamental principles of light and media art, creative methodologies, and the intricate world of event organization. With a focus on practical experiences, interactive group dynamics and observational learning, it aims to nurture a lasting passion for the arts, enrich your academic and career aspirations, and enhance your skills in critical thinking and creativity.

Participants will:

• Gain an understanding of varied artistic styles and the contemporary art landscape
• Deepen their comprehension of processes of art production through artist shadowing experiences
• Cultivate their arts and culture knowledge to effectively liaise with key art community stakeholders
• Refine their ability to critically assess and articulate artistic narratives


3-month period (Pre-festival and during festival)

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