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The Bright Side of the Desert Moon

Noor Riyadh 2023, the Largest Light Art Festival in the World.


Riyadh experienced 17 days of radiant, large-scale public art at Noor Riyadh. The festival showcased expansive light-based artworks, from ephemeral sculptures and urban projections to immersive site-specific installations, across five pivotal city hubs.

Curated by an illustrious team - Jérôme Sans, co-founder of Paris' Palais de Tokyo; Pedro Alonzo, a Boston-based curator known for transcending museum boundaries; and Riyadh's own artists and curators, Alaa Tarabzouni and Fahad Bin Naif - the festival featured more than 120 pieces by over 100 artists.

More than 30 of the artists on show hailed from Saudi Arabia, a testament to the region’s rich art scene. Visitors were invited to dive into a curated world, that blended global art expertise with local architectural insights in the third edition of the Largest Light Art Festival in the World.