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From Spark to Spirit
Noor Riyadh's accompanying exhibition is taking place until March 10 2023, 4pm - 12pm, at JAX 03 (JAX District), Riyadh


Our fascination with light is, in part, that it cannot be captured. We will never quite know what it is – illumination, understanding, or both – and yet it is fundamental to our existence.

From Spark to Spirit traces the role light plays in shaping our relationship to a world for which light itself has become the signal of change, exploring themes such as the ‘Technologies of Light’, ‘Architectonics of Light’ and ‘Consciousness of Light’. The exhibition is curated by Neville Wakefield (lead curator) and Gaida AlMogren (associate curator)


Technologies of Light

Technologies of Light' takes the audience on a light trip through the history of technology, from the first spark of light and lava eruptions to the brightest technological breakthroughs of the present day. By using common materials such as electric wire and a lamp or through more complex modern technologies such as brainwave data collection, where each flux in alpha-state creates new formations, artists transform light into ideas and examine the process of vision physiologically and spiritually.

Architectonics of Light

Light is a biological, perceptual, and psychological indicator of our location and time at any particular instant. It is the channel via which we comprehend our physical position in a world literally and figuratively enlightened by light. The section of the exhibition 'Architectonics of Light' addresses the concept of light that refuses to be caught via artworks that depict the moving frontiers of knowing and existence through generating new understandings. It explores the link between geometry, music, light, and space via digitally-created spaces.

Consciousness of Light

Local and international artists participate in debates over social, political, and ecological problems, analyzing the human condition and seeking answers to the difficult questions we face. Alongside light installations, programmed computer simulations, and coordinated color-changing light sequences, these artworks create a captivating multisensory experience.