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Numinous Najd

Numinous Najd

Noor Riyadh





Huda Al-Aithan’s Numinous Najd (2022) is a creature that ignites the spirit of Najd in Riyadh. This living sculpture retains the spirits and tales of the past and highlights the dynamism of light rooted in architectural history. Based on studies concentrating on light as a key material, Numinous Najd draws on ornamentation in Najdi architecture. This artist developed this work around the typical triangular structural motif found on external walls in many mud buildings from this tradition. Al-Aithan unravels the essence of this architectural element, reinterpreting it into a lighting fixture. The result is a showcase of the dynamics of light anchored by architectural heritage. The installation’s soundscape, produced by the artist in conjunction with the sound designer Sér (Serena Abou Daher), functions as the creature’s pulse, bringing it to life.