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Fractal Horizons

Fractal Horizons

Noor Riyadh





When we think of horizons, we tend to think outside of ourselves; of what lies beyond. We similarly tend to view the natural world as an ever-expanding horizon beyond our present place. With Fractal Horizons (2022) Horsthuis investigates a different kind of horizon. Instead of looking outward, the artist invites you to look deeper within. 

His work invokes the laws and rules of mathematics, geometry and architecture, using seemingly rigid concepts as the gateway to awe and wonder within. In doing so, he creates an experience that highlights the interconnectivity of all things, taking us to a world that lies beyond the horizon of our consciousness to make us feel like we are part of a larger whole. The infinitely looping landscapes that roll across this LED half dome make for a truly three-dimensional, immersive experience for audiences of all ages.