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Gust of Wind

Gust of Wind

Noor Riyadh





Nature and the morphology of paper come together in this installation, which considers our relationship with this historic material. Gust of Wind is inspired by the boundless versatility of a flat plane, and the way a simple bend or twist can turn this two-dimensional object into something with form, motion and direction. 

The studio has spent years exploring this using different materials, and how they can create the sensation of a still moment – as if a sheaf of paper has been caught by the wind, spirited away and ‘frozen’ in time. 

Gust of Wind (2022) is made using rolled and powder-coated aluminium, which creates a flurry of ‘pages’ that appear both solid and fragile, creating a sculptural yet stable presence. In the day, sunlight creates shade and reflectivity, while at night directional LED spotlights emphasise the forms of the piece.

The artwork is open to interpretation by people of all ages, conveying lightness, optimism, and a moment of calm.