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Tuwaiq Sculpture
Tuwaiq Sculpture is a platform where local and international artists meet, collaborate, and create large-scale public artworks in a live setting.

The 4th Tuwaiq Sculpture will take place at Durrat, Riyadh, from January 8 to February 10, 2023. The program consists of live sculpting, followed by an exhibition, with talks and workshops throughout.

30 sculptors hailing from 20 countries have been selected to participate in this year’s edition, curated by Marek Wolynski under the theme ‘Energy of Harmony’.

Live Sculpting: Jan 8 – Feb 2, 2023
Exhibition: Feb 5 – 10, 2023
Public program: coming soon

About Tuwaiq Sculpture

Tuwaiq Sculpture is an annual sculpture symposium that brings local and international artists together to create public artworks in a live setting. Through an interactive program of workshops, school visits, and talks, Tuwaiq Sculpture engages diverse communities and bolsters cultural exchanges. The symposium culminates in an on-site exhibition, with the sculptures enriching the Riyadh Art collection and later becoming a permanent feature of the Saudi capital’s urban fabric.

The theme of 4th Tuwaiq Sculpture is Energy of Harmony, which reflects on the fundamental characteristic of human existence – the ongoing synthesis of the opposing forces. To attain harmony means to maintain equilibrium, balancing between variation and repetition, sparsity and abundance, inactivity and vibrance. Energy of Harmony establishes points of connection and focus within the urban environment of Riyadh, giving a heightened awareness of co-existing structures, voices, and patterns.

4th Tuwaiq Sculpture Artists

Agnessa Petrova (Bulgaria)
Aleksandre Phophkhadze (Georgia)
Ana Maria Negară (Romania)
Antonio Vigo (Spain)
Azhar Saeed (Saudi Arabia)
Bertha Shortiss (Switzerland)
Damjan Komel (Slovenia)
Fahad Aljebreen (Saudi Arabia)
Ikram Kabbaj (Morocco)
Javier Alvarez (Germany)
José Carlos Cabello Millán (Spain)
Lyudmyla Mysko (Ukraine)
Marino Di Prospero (Italy)
Mohamed Elsayyad (Egypt)
Mohammad Al-Faris (Saudi Arabia)
Mohammed Al Thagafi (Saudi Arabia)
Nilhan Sesalan Yüzsever (Turkey)
Noha Alsharif (Saudi Arabia)
Qian Sihua (China)
Rajaa Alshafee (Saudi Arabia)
Rob Good (United Kingdom)
Robert Yannick (France)
Roland Hoeft (Germany)
Sasho Sazdovski (North Macedonia)
Stefan Esterbauer (Austria)
Sylvain Patte (Belgium)
Talal Altukhaes (Saudi Arabia)
Tatsumi Sakai (Japan)
Vasilisa Chugunova (Russia)
Wafa Al-Qunibit (Saudi Arabia)



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