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Extrospection, 2022

Extrospection, 2022

Extrospection is a joyful spatial experience promoting perception, empathy, and cooperation. As individuals play with the many cues the artwork provides, they go on a voyage of discovery. When individuals see how others behave and react to the exhibit, they learn to craft their ideal encounter.

In the installation, hidden mirrors emitting colorful light are actuated to rotate away from approaching individuals. A mirror is only triggered when two individuals work together to utilize it; when two audience members manage to stand on opposite sides of the same mirror, it stops moving, the lights switch out, and both can see their reflections.

Extrospection is part of a series that explores the connection between oneself, others, and the environment. It enables strangers to form social ties and serves as a model for fostering empathy among individuals. It exploits the duality between individual and communal experience, and challenges presumptions by transforming the personal act of staring in the mirror into a shared endeavor. With sound by Abdulla Faisal, it is an invitation to be absorbed in the present moment with all five senses.