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City Gazing Riyadh, 2021

In the 1970s, an iconic image of the Earth taken from the Apollo 17 space shuttle became a symbol of environmentalism. In fact, many astronauts who see the Earth floating in the vastness of space experience what has been termed “the overview effect”: a mental shift of perception, a newly found awareness of how vulnerable and fragile life on our planet is. When they return to Earth, they feel compelled to commit themselves to a sustainable future. With City Gazing Riyadh, a tailor-made installation based on the city of Riyadh as seen in NASA satellite images, VOUW brings this feeling to the residents of Riyadh and gives an impression of the “footprint” of light that the city sends into space.

King Abdulaziz Historical Center

City Gazing Riyadh, 2021



VOUW (est. 2017) is an Amsterdam-based design studio working at the crossroads of art, technology and design. VOUW is a pioneer in slowtech: design that slows people down to bring them together in the real world. Like a factory reset for the soul, the work of founders Mingus Vogel and Justus Bruns illuminates the human condition and opens the heart to the possibility of organic connection with other people and the planet. The studio’s creations have been exhibited worldwide and their work, Chairwave, was recognized in the Dezeen 2020 Awards for seating design.

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