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Nasser Almulhim and Tamara Kalo
Saudi Arabia Noor Riyadh

Nasser Almulhim and Tamara Kalo

Nasser Almulhim is a painter and sculptor based in Riyadh. His highly expressive work uses a Pop palette to negotiate between geometric and organic forms. Full of energy, the paintings assume an intuitive approach to art-making. A principal theme within Almulhim’s practice is the relationship between spirituality and mental processes, and the visual representation of this bond. He examines the relationship between color and human behaviour patterns to unpack the ways in which color can stimulate energetic or psychological shifts.

Tamara Kalo is a Lebanese-French interdisciplinary artist based in Riyadh. Formally trained in architecture, she works with photography, video, and sculpture to investigate narratives that shape home, history and identity. Often socially engaged, her work touches on the boundary between public and private space, comfort and discomfort, nostalgia and memory, and the poetics of the everyday.