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Structural Fluidity

Structural Fluidity

Noor Riyadh





We hold within us many dualities, some that are contrasting and seemingly conflicting, yet it is vital to make room for these elaborate parts of ourselves. Structural Fluidity (2022), by Nasser Almulhim & Tamara Kalo is an installation that seeks to challenge these dualities, inviting the viewer to examine the spaces in between. Playing with materiality and form, the artwork reminds us of our ever-shifting perceptions affected by the quality of the light we shed on it. 

The central piece of the sculpture is a blue shape, which bends and curves to form a complex undulating surface, capturing a wide spectrum of light and shadow. It appears almost fabric-like but is made of metal mesh coated with cement and a mud mixture, to give a texture that is reminiscent of traditional adobe, a finish common to the historic dwellings of the region. Intersecting the blue form is a more uniform arch, with sharp edges and a pink reflective surface. 

While contrasting in appearance, together both structures offer shelter for visitors, addressing a present where old and new come together in reconciliation and compromise. It is an open invitation to rethink the dichotomies that shape us, such as tradition and modernity, logic and intuition, structure and fluidity.