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Kamen Tanev

Kamen Tanev

Kamen Tanev (b. 1973) is an award-winning sculptor with a Masters degree in sculpture from the National Academy Of Fine Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria (2000). Tanev works with bronze, stone, and marble, creating abstract and figurative sculptures. By placing special emphasis on the details of a structure, he portrays the beauty of natural forces through smooth textures and unique perspectives, creating new meanings by situating his pieces in extraordinary environments or changing their dimensions and composition.

Tanev has participated in over 70 solo and group exhibitions across the world, including Allianz annual exhibition, Sofia, Bulgaria (2018); Hualien Country Stone Sculptural Museum, Hualien, Taiwan (2017); Quindao Sculpture Gallery, Quindao, China (2017); Greek Marble Initiative, Thessaloniki, Greece (2015); Buitenlanders Beek en Donk, Netherlands (2007). He is a member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists affiliated to the International Association of Art IAA/UNESCO.