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Roman Hill & Jonathan Fitas
France Noor Riyadh

Roman Hill & Jonathan Fitas
Artists Roman Hill and Jonathan Fitas have come together to create an immersive visual poem. Combining Fitas’ musical talent with Hill’s passion for microscopic work, the results is a colorful, hypnotic and meditative experience.

Roman Hill is a Paris-based artist who explores the microscopic world to reach the immensity of the universe. On a never-ending quest to understand the origins and essence of life, Roman creates immersive macro worlds of hypnotic abstract imagery based on a variety of physical phenomena and chemical reactions.

Jonathan Fitas’ music is a subtle mix between classical sonorities and electronic textures. His musical talent and expertise in creating cinematic melodies and atmospheres have provided him with the opportunity to be commissioned to create scores for commercials, films and immersive experiences throughout the world.

Collaborating, the two artists have created an immersive experience that enables the audience to dive into the microscopic universe to capture the genesis of creation. The piece follows life, from its creation to its diffusion in this cosmos.

While the images look computer generated, the innovative and memorable piece is made from real elements filmed at an ultra-small scale in resolutions that range from 8K to 12K. It is hypnotic, colorful and mediative. It drives a new sense of physicality and emotions as all who watch will dream of a new horizon.


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