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Georgi Minchev
Bulgaria Tuwaiq Sculpture

Georgi Minchev

Georgi Minchev (b. 1965) has a Master’s degree in sculpture and theoretical disciplines from St. Cyril and Methodius University, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria (1991), and is a professor in sculpture and theoretical disciplines at the same university, he is the head of the Sculpture Department and a member of UBA, Bulgaria.

He often uses contrasting geometric shapes, such as spheres and cubes. Minchev believes that as a result of technology developed in the modern world, visual perception evolves at a faster pace, and that these forms provoke natural human reactions and rely on them in their own practice.

His preferred material is stone and he has participated in more than 20 solo exhibitions and won several awards for his creativity. He has been exhibited internationally in group exhibitions in countries such as Belgium, Bulgaria, Romania, China, Japan, and USA.

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