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Render (Tree), 2016

If one were to take a photo of a television at the exact moment of turning it on—a typical and instantaneous act—the television’s static and cathode rays would be frozen at that moment, rendering an unrecognizable image. Render (Tree) (2016)  likewise freezes the moment an artificial plant appears in a hologram simulation, projecting a time well into the future. Yet, the placement of the tree rendering in our physical space alludes to the idea that we live in a simulation. This high-tech interpretation of our daily life frozen in time suggests a world to which we may not be able to return.

Render (Tree), 2016

James Clar

United States

James Clar (b. 1979) is a Filipino-American light and media artist who lives in Tokyo with studio production in Manila, Tokyo and New York. His work analyzes the effects of media and technology on our perception of culture, nationality and identity. He studied film at NYU and received his Masters from NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program. It was here that he began developing his own light systems to create visual sculptural works that combine light and technology.

Clar was an artist in residence at Eyebeam Atelier in New York, Fabrica in Italy and the FedEx Institute of Technology/Lantana Projects in Memphis and has previously held studio practices in Tokyo and Dubai. His artwork has been included in exhibitions at Cam Francis Museum, Barcelona; Glucksman Museum, Dublin; MACBA, Barcelona; The New Museum of Contemporary Arts, New York; Pera Museum, Istanbul; and SeMA, Seoul. He has been commissioned to develop large scale installations for 21c Museum Hotels, Oklahoma; Dynatrace, Linz; Fraport Headquarters, Frankfurt; and Parasol Unit Foundation for the Arts, London.

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