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Rajaa Alshafee’s ‘Relations’ explores the human relationship with space and the forces that influence it. Without our existence, a place is meaningless, and our interactions with a place is what gives it poetic significance, and allow us to revisit long-forgotten memories.


Rajaa Alshafee

Saudi Arabia

Rajaa Alshafae has a Diploma in Arts from the Penn Foster Career School, Scranton, U.S. (2008) and BA in English Language from King Faisal University, Al-ahsa, Saudi Arabia (2014). She also attended many accredited technical courses in the field of sculpture, shaping, wood engraving, silkscreen printing, and Arabic calligraphy courses. Alshafae has participated in many group exhibitions in Saudi Arabia since 1998, in addition to exhibitions in Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia, Morocco, Jordan, the UAE and the U.S. In 2018, she held her first solo exhibition, ‘Maqamat’ at Abdullah Al-Sheikh Hall, Dammam, Saudi Arabia. She has received several awards, including the ministry of culture’s prize in 2015.

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