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Noor Mandala

Noor Mandala

Noor Riyadh





These days many of us crave empty space.

The enjoyment of a solitary walk on the beach, or the rare and precious experience of the vast beauty of a desert vista; walking through a quiet courtyard in the afternoon light, or simply just finding an empty park bench. A new version of luxury.

Noor Mandala (2022) is an installation of empty space punctuated with an immersive light environment. The piece should be walked through, and to do so, it must be navigated. It is a symmetrical and translucent walk-in chandelier, with bright overlaying colors and sleek luminous planes. Noor Mandala is meant to be seen from a distance in order to perceive the geometry and scale, before being entered to give the experience of being inside light.

The generous warehouse space provided around the Noor Mandala is delightfully empty. Dark empty. Industrial memory empty. Mindful empty. Rare and joyful, non-commercial, contemplative empty. Enjoy this too, as it is more and more rare to find such luxury in our contemporary landscape.