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Nocturnal Dialogue, 2021

For Noor Riyadh 2021, Dutch artist Ralf Westerhof and Saudi artist Talal Al Zeid have worked together to create an original site-specific piece. This collaboration is an occasion for them to celebrate art through a light sculpture that embodies Noor Riyadh’s essence, with different cultures coming together and speaking one language to deliver a unique experience. Nocturnal Dialogue is a collection of everyday inspirations from Riyadh: its people, nature, architecture and streets. It celebrates culture from an artistic perspective, giving our daily lives a new dimension. The result of an ongoing dialogue between the artists, the piece reflects on their experience in the fast-paced, hyper-connected world we live in today. Being quite the opposite of fast-paced, more like a monument to minimalistic presence, the work resides in a quiet place during Noor Riyadh, allowing for a moment of contemplation in our day.

King Abdulaziz Historical Center

Nocturnal Dialogue, 2021

Ralf Westerhof


Ralf Westerhof (b. 1977) is a Dutch artist who creates wire sculptures and light art installations. Westerhof was initially active as a scenographer in theatre, and his passion for performing arts, especially dance, is visible in his often kinetic works. His minimal line drawings offer audiences part of the image, leaving it up to their imaginations to fill in the gaps as they or the work moves to become co-creators of what they see.

In 2013 Westerhof participated in his first Light Festival, Amsterdam Light Festival, with Drawn in Light, a 13-meter-wide mobile that was a moving drawing of an Amsterdam cityscape. His work has also been presented in Belgium, Canada, Germany, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland and Taiwan.

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