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Mother of Time

Fernando Pinto’s ‘Mother of Time’ is inspired by an aboriginal concept from the Kogi tribe in Colombia, in which very small stones with bead-like forms are believed to have been made by the minds of distant ancestors and are the carriers of their cultural concept of time: “time never ends or begins, it’s always happening and every second is an eternal cicle in itself”. Pinto’s sculptural works reflect his interests in the similarities that can be found between these ancestral and primitive concepts and the most advanced scientific discoveries.

Mother of Time

Fernando Pinto


Fernando Pinto (b. 1975) studied industrial design at Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá (1999), Colombia before moving to Pietrasanta in Italy to study stone sculpture with sculptors Pasquale Martini and Cesare Riva. Between 2001 and 2008, he lived and worked from his own studio in Barcelona, Spain before returning to Bogotá where he currently lives and works.

Pinto has exhibited widely in Spain and Colombia, as well as Argentina, Australia, Belgium, China, Italy, Japan and Taiwan; and his monumental works are installed in public spaces in Argentina, China, Colombia, Germany, Italy, Lebanon, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, Taiwan and Turkey.

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