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Meeting at the edge of the heat

Meeting at the edge of the heat

Noor Riyadh Festival








4 x 14.08 x 13.56m

Depending on the time and purpose of the encounter with the project, Rafael Domenech’s installation functions as a sculpture, an architectural model, a pavilion, and a venue for public programs and gatherings. Furthering the artist’s interests in publishing as a methodology for making exhibitions, Meeting at the Edge of the Heat is a publication that the public can inhabit as a book-in-space. The artist invites viewers to peruse the images and fragmented text from various sources that he has placed around the site, which is delineated via an aluminum structure. Domenach is also hosting a series of workshops in which members of the public can create lamps, which they can bring back home as a satellite extension of the piece. Intended to be experienced as an interactive model, the artwork asks viewers to sit, relax, talk, and walk around, exploring both how individuals negotiate urban spaces and how they can create new spaces of collectiveness.


Meeting at the edge of the heat, 2023 © Rafael Domenech
Commissioned by RCRC and Riyadh Art