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Closer Than They Appear

Closer Than They Appear

Noor Riyadh Festival








4 x 4 m

In Closer than They Appear, Dur Kattan reflects on the inherent unity of humanity and our collective blindness to it. She uses the metaphor of a car’s side-mirror blind spot to represent the unseen aspects of our inner selves, and the idea that introspection allows us to connect more deeply to others. The artwork seeks to provoke contemplation about our individual and collective identities, our relationships with each other, and our inherent interconnectedness. This message holds particular significance in the context of Riyadh, where the pursuit of success and the constant drive for achievement can easily lead to the neglect of one’s personal well-being and relationships. Closer than They Appear encourages viewers to slow down, find balance, and take the time to explore their own blind spots. The artwork, with its illuminated mirrors, allows the viewer to literally see themselves in their fragmented mirror image. In serving as a mirror to the viewers, it reflects their physical selves while guiding them to reflect on their inner selves.


Closer Than They Appear, 2023 ©Dur Kattan
Commissioned by RCRC and Riyadh Art