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Zahra Bundakji
Saudi Arabia Noor Riyadh

Zahra Bundakji

Zahra Bundakji is a Saudi-Pakistani multidisciplinary artist focused on the documentation of oral histories, creating audio-visual ethnography as well as essays. Her work has observed topics such as social change, non-monetary exchange, leisure and nightlife as a vehicle for non-verbal communication.

Working with various mediums, the artist expresses herself through ceramics, printmaking, video, and installation. The ceramics she makes, for example, are viewed not only as objects in themselves but as the bearers of information necessary for human communication and the lubricant of sociality.

Bundakji is also an independent curator and actively supports young emerging artists through activating independent and alternative spaces. In 2019, the artist/curator founded Animsimo Studio, a ceramics studio and community space for artists and artisans, focused on the study of the relationship between human behavior, objects, and food.