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Shohei Fujimoto
Japan Noor Riyadh

Shohei Fujimoto

Shohei Fujimoto is a Japanese media artist who explores perception and space through the minimal and precise use of controlled light from laser projectors.

Fujimoto creates a unique experience and space for viewers to indulge in by incorporating focused light with moving, semi-transparent mirrors suspended in the air. His work attempts to capture data and facts behind phenomena, then emphasizes and complicates them to create a new perspective.

His work also incorporates an audio element created in cooperation with sound artists. This step in the process gives Fujimoto new perspectives and depth to each piece.

Touching on themes of light, time and autonomy, Fujimoto’s work is based on code and mathematical operations. These are essential to exploring his art and, when properly constructed, essential to the connection between art and viewer. With exhibitions worldwide, Fujismoto’s art connects with and challenges people the world over.


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