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Omar Abduljawad
Saudi Arabia Noor Riyadh

Omar Abduljawad

Born in 1989, the artist and architect Omar Abduljawad lives in Jeddah, where he operates his studio Mukaab. His architectural training informs his precise and systematic attention to detail in his artworks.

With his drive for uncovering the universal language of expression in art and architecture, Abduljawad uses mathematical constants, proportion and modularity to create solid, mesmerizing geometric forms. He investigates the role of ratios in natural life as well as their spiritual significance, using traditional crafts and digital technologies to find a new means to express and communicate high-dimensional ideas and concepts in search of truth, unity and beauty.

His work seeks to bridge the gap between science and theology with current modes of artistic and architectural expression, such as his Tasa’ wa Tasa’oun, in which he looks at the idea of the “path home” our different perspectives of life and its retro causal timelines and its suggestion of our finite time here on Earth.