Mohammed Alsaleem

Mohammed Alsaleem (1939-1997) was the first to hold an exhibition in the city of Riyadh, in 1967. He became famous for his “horizonism” style that was inspired by observing the skyline of Riyadh from the desert.

Mohammed Alsaleem

Mohammed Alsaleem

Saudi Arabia

In the spirit of Noor Riyadh, the first light art celebration in the country's history, a never-before-seen work by pioneer Saudi artist Mohammed Alsaleem is revealed. This work is part of a rare collection of computer graphics that he made towards the end of his life and were discovered in his Florence residence after his death, framed together with a floppy disc that includes the digital paintings' original files. The images are used to create an animated tribute to the artist’s many contributions to the field and acknowledge his trailblazing role in Saudi Arabia as a digital artist: a homage to his continuing interest in painting with light - after all, are pixels not dots of light? The tribute is projected on the façade of the King Fahad National Library, which hosts a collection of art books donated by Alsaleem.

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