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marc brickman
United States Noor Riyadh

marc brickman

Not every artist can say that they are the artist in residence at the Empire State Building, but then there is only one marc brickman.

World-renowned for his live light and production shows for some of the most famous musicians in the world, brickman’s career is one with too many highlights to count. In the world of musical greats, he has worked with Pink Floyd, Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young. In cinema, Steven Spielberg and Sam Raimi, then architects including Sir Norman Foster and Frank Gehry.

brickman’s trademark is innovation. Blending technology, science and imagination to make the impossible reality. His career is marked by many world-first moments and concepts unheard of before brickman brought them into the world.

His large-scale, multimedia and digital installations are marked by a common theme, unity. The idea being to bring the whole audience together in a single shared experience of equal power and intensity no matter whether they’re in the front row or the back of a stadium. The interconnection between one and all is both the objective and message of every piece brickman creates.