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Dirty Monitor
Belgium Noor Riyadh

Dirty Monitor

The Belgium-based team Dirty Monitor is a unique creative studio filled with innovative creators and technical masters. They are pioneers in the fields of content conceptualization, production for video mapping projections, virtual reality, augmented reality and interactive solutions. If it’s a new, exciting technology in the visual arts or design, they are probably already defining and inspiring with it!

Formed in 2004, they have already become a leading light for 3D video mapping, VJing and digital art. Seamlessly blending computer graphics, photography, matte painting and architectural design to create an immersive, stunning works of art no matter the occasion.

Collaborations with renowned directors, agencies, brands and other great names from the event industry have gained them international recognition and opportunities which other studios would love. With an eye on the unique and innovative, a Dirty Monitor project is a guarantee of something fresh and new.