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Ali Alruzaiza
Saudi Arabia Noor Riyadh

Ali Alruzaiza

After studying interior design in Italy, Ali Alruzaiza (b. 1945) returned to Riyadh and became one of Mohammed Alsaleem’s followers. Seeing the drastic urban growth of Riyadh, he decided that his challenge was to incorporate the traditional motifs of Riyadh architecture in modern design. Today, his work, especially his interior designs, is seen in many prestigious buildings in Riyadh.  One of Alruzaiza’s most notable contributions to the history of Riyadh was his decision to include Al-Masmak Fort in the logo he designed for the 100th anniversary of the founding of Saudi Arabia. This logo was printed on many official documents, Saudi banknotes, schoolbooks, in celebration of that occasion, and became part of the collective memory of Saudi people.


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