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Abdullah AlOthman
Saudi Arabia Noor Riyadh

Abdullah AlOthman

Abdullah Alothman was born in 1985 in Riyadh, where he continues to live and work. The artist and poet examines marginalized ideas, spaces and existences at the fringes of society. Through his work incorporating texts, videos, public interventions and installations, he seeks to retrieve these obscured or abandoned narratives and reposition them at the center of the collective consciousness. 

Alothman’s projects often incorporate the written word, from personal manifestos to found phrases. He develops these in vibrant, striking installations that allow the work to contain multiple possibilities and meanings. 

He often looks into elusive concepts or experiences that are difficult to perceive or understand through straightforward investigations or representations: such as the notion of faith, the sound, the sensation of wind over desert dunes, or even the invisible wounds inflicted through methods of “noise” torture. These include the creation of a watery mirage in the desert, for Desert X Al Ula in 2022, to a celebration of the neon signage that forms the visual landscape of urban Saudi Arabia. 

A published poet, he also has produced two volumes of his written work: A Late Memory, 10 Seconds and This Void May Occur Twice. 

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