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Focus Group Discussion Registration

Open focus group that discusses the potential future of community engagement and how public programs can benefit creative communities.

You’re invited to join a focus group discussion on communication and community engagement linked to local artistic and cultural projects. Our goal is to enhance and develop an enriched Riyadh’s cultural landscape.

This program seeks to engage with the creative community to gather insights and perspectives on these subjects. We’ll discuss our aspirations, expectations, and collaborative objectives.

Each discussion session will involve around ten participants, along with artists and experts, and will be conducted in a closed and confidential setting.

Focus group information:
Location | Riyadh Art Building, Jax 
Date | Third week of May, 2024 

Time | TBD
Duration| 90 mintues 

We appreciate your time and input in nurturing the creative community. 

Should you be chosen, we’ll reach out to you with all the details. Thank you for your involvement

Not Familiar at AllSlightly FamiliarModerately FamiliarVery FamiliarExtremely Familiar
Not Familiar at All
Slightly Familiar
Moderately Familiar
Very Familiar
Extremely Familiar
Not Familiar at All - I have never heard of Noor Riyadh or similar cultural festivals.
Slightly Familiar - I have heard of Noor Riyadh but know very little about it.
Moderately Familiar - I know some basic information about Noor Riyadh and similar events.
Very Familiar - I am well-informed about Noor Riyadh, including its major activities and goals.
Extremely Familiar - I actively follow or participate in Noor Riyadh and similar cultural festivals.