We Light Riyadh
From 04/11/2022 to 19/11/2022 FESTIVAL

We Light Riyadh

Drawing inspiration from Noor Festival’s large public art installations located around the city, in this activity children will model their own artwork installations, buildings and structures and place them on a giant map of Riyadh. LEDs will be used to light up the models, turning Riyadh into a city of light and color!

• Using straws, foam and pipe cleaners, children will create structures assisted by the animators.
• The children will then position their creations at various location on a map of Riyadh. They will see Riyadh at night, illuminated by the installations.

Learning Outcomes
• Developing model making skills.
• Positioning an art light installation in a city.
• Group collaboration – interaction in choosing suitable locations.


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