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Taming light: Secrets of a professional photogragher
From 04/11/2022 to 07/11/2022 FESTIVAL

Taming light: Secrets of a professional photogragher

Sultan bin Mutrad is never without his camera. He believes moments must be captured because they are a snapshot of a culture and civilization, and that includes the documentation of art in all its forms.

In this tour, you are invited to join Sultan as he explores and shoots the various light installations at Kindi Plaza. He will start by explaining his philosophy and approach to art photography, and will share his knowledge and experience as he captures each artwork. The topics he will cover include: mastering light and color; achieving the perfect balance between light and dark; using composition to either create harmony or tension; adding advanced effects and, most importantly, creating images that capture the artists’ vision and that elicit an emotional response from the viewer. 

At the end of the session, you will come away with a better understanding of the approach and techniques used by a professional image taker and, we hope, feel inspired to capture moments in art all of your own.

| Location: Kindi Plaza, Diplomatic Quarter

| Duration: 75 mins

| Recommended for adults only

| Participants are requested to bring their own camera 


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