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‘See the Light’: Sensory experience
From 13/11/2022 to 18/11/2022 FESTIVAL

‘See the Light’: Sensory experience

Come and experience a fun and multi-sensory group activity that will change the way you look at and think about art and its impact.

Everyone in the group will be asked to wear eye masks. Then, taking it in turn, individual members will remove their mask and describe in detail a piece of art and share how it affects them personally. The group will then take off their masks and compare their own observations, opinions and thoughts on the art.

This experience will literally open your eyes to how people see art differently, and provide you with new ways of interpreting artworks.

| Location: King Abdullah Park
| Duration: 75 mins
| Each tour has a capacity of 12 people
| Recommended for adults 18+


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King Abdullah Park