Secret light
From 05/11/2022 to 15/11/2022 FESTIVAL

Secret light

There’s an artist in every child, but sometimes it’s not always visible. In this activity, children will make a globe-shaped papier-mâché structures and then color them with special UV-paints. They will use various methods like dabbing and brush strokes. Then the lights go out, UV-lamps go on – and hey presto! We have another little Yayoi Kusama. • Children create sculptures and structures in papier-mâché using paper and glue. • The structures are colored using UV-paints. • Painting techniques include dabbing, strokes with brushes, and the use of a swinging pendulum with free-flowing paint. • The lights are dimmed and a UV lamp makes the art come to life. Learning Outcomes • Everyone has creative ability. • Sometimes when you start something it doesn’t look good, but in the end it can be simply amazing. • Light sensitive paints need the dark and UV light to be visible.


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