Out of the Shadows!
From 03/11/2022 to 18/11/2022 FESTIVAL

Out of the Shadows!

Who knows what you can find coming out of the shadows! Inspired by the daily doodles of Vincent Bal, a Belgian filmmaker, this clever and eye-opening activity uses the shadows of everyday objects to create unexpected doodles. Kids will love first using pre-sketched examples and then having a go themselves to create a doodle and color it in.

• The concept of using the shadow cast from an object to create a doodle is demonstrated with examples.
• Children will then complete the doodle from set examples to practice the technique.
• Children will be encouraged to have a go themselves by selecting an everyday object and using the shadow cast to create a doodle from scratch.

Learning Outcomes
• Understanding a concept and putting into practice.
• Using visual imagination to create a doodle from a cast shadow.
• Learning patience to find an interesting shadow they can work with.

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