On the edge (of time)
From 18/11/2022 to 18/11/2022 FESTIVAL

On the edge (of time)

Join us for a reflective gathering as the sun sets over Al Ha-ir lake: a spectacle of beauty that here acts as a prelude to the artwork The Eleventh View of Time by Basmah Felemban. The young Saudi artist rejects our modern world’s regimented perception of time, punctuated by relentless ‘now-moments’. The work allows us to reset our understanding of time as based on cyclical routines that are in step with the flow of nature, whether we humans are present or not.

This experience is a deep reflection of this and other concepts addressed by the artist – from the philosophical to the curious, such as the origin of catfish in Riyadh’s wadis. Do we know how they get to be there, and what can this story tell us about our own relation to nature and its migrations?

| Location: Al Ha-ir Lakes Park (Meeting point: main car park)
| Duration: 90 mins
| Each group has a capacity of 12 people
| Recommended for adults 18+
| Please arrive in good time for the sunset
| Own transport required


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