Magnetic Marvels
From 06/11/2022 to 16/11/2022 FESTIVAL

Magnetic Marvels

Magnets and art? Do they go together? Oh yes! With this captivating activity, your child will discover how magnetism can be used to create an intriguing painting effect. Using metal pieces – as well as ones that the magnet can’t move, like glass marbles – a tray of objects will move differently when coming into contact with the strong magnet. Now add multi-colored paint into the mix, press down the paper, and… voila!

• The children are shown how magnets can move metal objects (but have no effect on non-metal objects).
• Children place and mix up metal and non-metal objects on a shallow tray.
• Paint is added and a print made while the magnet moves.

Learning Outcomes
• How magnets work and how they only move objects made of metal.
• How moving a magnet can act like an invisible hand to create a painting.
• Art can be made using non-conventional techniques, with amazing results.


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