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Long Duration: Performance Workshop
From 11/11/2022 to 11/11/2022 FESTIVAL

Long Duration: Performance Workshop

The workshop objective is for participants to apply the techniques and processes of durational performance to improving consciousness and presence in their everyday lives. The workshop toys with dismantling suspense and dissecting anxiety. It also turns into a kind of background hum of boredom. Participants sit in various spotlit spaces within the darkened room, and the workshop leader would engage them in exercises of focus, stillness, breathing, controlled body movements, concentration, and, ultimately, endurance. The workshop has no set duration: it will end when the participants have exhausted their limits. 


All materials will be provided by workshop. 

Dress in loose, comfortable clothing. No jewelry or any item of adornment that gets in the way. Ideal for participants to work bare feet. Bring a bottle of water and a notepad and pen/ pencil to jot reflections.


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