Light Upon Light: Light Art Since the 1960s (March 18 – June 12)

A landmark exhibition of light arts since the 1960s to present day.


Light Upon Light: Light Art Since the 1960s (March 18 – June 12)

Noor Riyadh

Light Upon Light includes 30 masterworks of light art divided into four sectional “rays” that survey light as an artistic medium: “Perceiving Light,” “Experiencing Light,” “Projecting Light,” and “Environmental Light.” Each ray blends time and unites established artists of diverse geographic origin.

From immersive installation to video and sculpture, visitors to Light Upon Light will experience a richly illuminated exhibition in all its spatial and sensory phenomena. This historical presentation of light art is a groundbreaking event for culture in Saudi Arabia.

The exhibition is curated by Susan Davidson, former Senior Curator of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, and Raneem Zaki Farsi, Curator, Art Advisor and an expert in Saudi Arabia’s contemporary art scene.

Please Note:
1) Access to the light upon light exhibition is strictly by a pre-purchased ticket only
2) Access is limited to the times stated on the ticket. In the interest of health and safety, the Exhibition has the right to refuse entry for any visitors who arrive outside of their respective time slots
3) Parking for the exhibition is provided in the KAFD Conference Centre Car Park on Level B2


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