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Ko Shin Moon
From 12/11/2022 to 12/11/2022 FESTIVAL

Ko Shin Moon

French duo Axel Moon and Nico Shin, aka Ko Shin Moon, perform their ethno-mash-up of Ottoman disco, Tibetan acid house and Hindi New Wave, with traditional Eastern instruments, synths and mesmerizing repeating lyrics.

About Ko Shin Moon
After spending four years in India collecting folk instruments, the French musician Axel Moon discovered that his old friend Niko Shin had started a recording studio filled with analogue synths and vintage gear. The two got together and Ko Shin Moon was launched in 2017.

From a clash of genres, Ko Shin Moon’s output is defined by otherworldly melodies where psychedelia meets space disco, supported by a credo of eclecticism, cosmopolitanism and hybridity. In this musical journey, repertoires, genres and times blend and form a new language.

On stage, Ko Shin Moon’s performative set pieces unfold to create an immersive listening and dance experience. Their live performances have thrilled audiences at multiple French and international avant-garde music events.


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