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Innocence of Childhood
From 13/11/2022 to 19/11/2022 FESTIVAL

Innocence of Childhood

Allow yourself to be transported in time and space with this interactive and highly immersive tour at Salam Park. Embark on the Sea of Light by Patch Theatre and interact with its waves. Carried by the wind, look skyward and follow the path of light created by floating lanterns in the sky with Amours en Cage by Porté Par le Vent, a spectacle that leads to the gigantic and mesmerizing Cupid’s Koi Garden by Eness.

| Hub: Salam Park
| Duration: 30 mins
| The tour takes place daily, starting at 6.30pm, 8.30pm and 10.30pm
| Each tour has a capacity of 12 people
| Recommended for adults and children aged 8+


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