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Hindi Zahra
From 16/11/2022 to 16/11/2022 FESTIVAL

Hindi Zahra

With strong Moroccan Shilha roots, Hindi Zahra’s song book is infused with ‘Sous-Berber’ language and cultural references.

About Zahra
Zahra Hindi grew up with her Moroccan mother, a dancer and actress, in Khouribga, Morocco, and left for Paris in her teens. Already by the age of 18, she was writing her first lyrics and melodies and by 26 she had written over 50 songs. The self-taught multi-instrumentalist decided to launch her musical career with stage name Hindi Zahra, a simple reversal of her name.

Hindi Zahra’s debut album was released in January 2010 on the renowned Jazz label Blue Note Records. The EP included songs ‘Beautiful Tango’, ‘Oursoul’, ‘Try’ and ‘Stand Up’, which later appeared in a commercial campaign by international bank. In the same year she collaborated with French musician Blundetto on album Bad Bad Things, winning the Prix Constantin for Best Album.

Her lyrics mix the English language with occasional forays into the Berber Shilha language of her native Morocco, such as the song ‘Imik Si Mikare’.


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