Hidden Reflections
From 07/11/2022 to 17/11/2022 FESTIVAL

Hidden Reflections

The mystery of the kaleidoscope is solved! Children will discover the inner workings of this classic toy, and how beautiful patterns are created. With just a handful of colored beads, glass pebbles and mirrors, they will have the chance to make their own kaleidoscope to take home, and will have fun learning about reflection and illusion. • Children are shown how a kaleidoscope works. • A kaleidoscope is dismantled into its separate parts. • Children are then instructed on creating their own kaleidoscope using a variety of colorful objects, like beads, pebbles, and small pieces of translucent paper. Learning Outcomes • What is a kaleidoscope and how does it work? • How mirrors reflect a single segment to create the repeated pattern. • What is an illusion? How what you see with your own eyes isn’t always real.


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