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Ghenwa Nemnom
From 04/11/2022 to 04/11/2022 FESTIVAL

Ghenwa Nemnom

Don’t miss the uniquely melodramatic sounds of the Qanun blended with electronic down tempo in this passionate performance.

About Ghenwa
Ghenwa started learning music in Beirut at the age of eight. She joined the National Lebanese Conservatory in 1995 where she studied music composition and mastered the Qanun, a traditional Mediterranean musical instrument that originates from Mycenaean times, around 1600BC.

She moved to the United States at the age of 16, and studied at the Oakland University of Michigan. With the US as her base, she frequently traveled to Europe and Africa, exploring different types of art and music.

Ghenwa moved back to Lebanon and decided to fully focus on her music career and her love of the Qanun, taking the instrument to a new level and new audiences.

In a new age of electronic and fusion-based music, Ghenwa’s aim is to break through by combining her unique sound with Oriental, Classical, Latin, African, deep house and groovy rhythms and, in so doing, fuse East and Western musical strengths.


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