From 10/11/2022 to 15/11/2022 FESTIVAL

Explore Jax

Come and discover Jax District with us: the most exciting creative area in Riyadh. Once a forgotten industrial area in Ad-Diriyah, Jax has become a hive of creativity, with exhibition spaces, artists’ studios, art galleries, and platforms all supporting a dynamic and growing arts ecosystem. 

But that’s only half the story. This tour is an introduction to Jax the place and the people behind it – a ‘flinging open’ of doors, spaces, artist studios and workshops. Come with us to get a glimpse at the personalities, the talent and the unique vibe of this astonishing initiative. 

The tour will start at Jax Raseef Studio, where Mohammed Hammad’s installation #infinitesince83 is located, then drops in at selected artists’ studios, and continues to a gallery where this year’s charity auction artworks can be viewed. It then returns back to From Spark to Spirit Exhibition, where you can see the many artworks on display (entry is included). 

The tour will be accompanied by young artists partaking in this year’s festival Apprenticeship Program.

| Location: Jax District (Meeting Point)

| Duration: 90 mins (tour)

| Each tour has a capacity of 12 people

| Recommended for adults 18+

| Ticket price includes access to Noor Exhibition


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Jax District