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Experiments in photo-sensitivity: Experimental Film + Video
From 03/11/2022 to 19/11/2022 FESTIVAL

Experiments in photo-sensitivity: Experimental Film + Video

The history of visual experimentation by destabilizing light and development techniques is well known, from Man Ray and his Rayograph to Duane Michaels’ and Fouad Elkoury’s “ghosting” works. These get-your-hands-dirty workshops in English and Arabic will look at cultivating innovation and inventiveness around these photographic techniques, but we extend the invitation to artists working in experimental film/video and even printmaking. How can unexpected light sources— fire, flares, sunbursts, sparklers—help spark new creative outlooks on processes with which we’ve become perhaps too comfortable.


Attendees should bring a laptop with the editing software Premiere Pro, and a camera or phone to film and photograph with.


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King Abdullah Park

Nov 17 – 20:30

Nov 18 – 20:30

Nov 19 – 20:30

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