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Discover with Anwar & Noora
From 07/11/2022 to 17/11/2022 FESTIVAL

Discover with Anwar & Noora

Spend some time with our loveable festival characters Anwar and Noora as they explore the artworks together. This charming tour, perfect for families with young children, includes an activity book packed with fun tasks to complete along the way. Then a quick hop back to the workshop for a story and farewells until next year.

• Children will be introduced to Anwar and Noora and given an activity book.
• The children will follow the characters, accompanied by parents/guardians, to various art installations at each hub where they will complete each task in the activity book.
• Children will return to the workshop for a storytelling session.

Learning Outcomes
• Introduction to Noor Festival mascots.
• Task-based activities relating to each artwork (activity book).
• Listening to a story.


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