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Collaboration Installation
From 06/11/2022 to 09/11/2022 FESTIVAL

Collaboration Installation

Do you want to be part of creating an inspirational piece of community art? Here’s your chance to be one of 48 participants who will contribute to an art installation over the course of four days. What’s great about this experience is you don’t have to be an expert in art to get involved – it’s open to everyone and all abilities.

The creative process will be led by artist Cecilia Pitre, supported by talented Saudi apprentices of the Noor Festival Apprenticeship Program. Using your preferred medium – pen, brushed paint, spray paint, collage or other material – let your creativity reign free while having fun socializing with the group.

The resulting masterpiece will be documented as it takes shape and is added to over time. Why not give it a go? Don’t hesitate, collaborate!

| Location: King Abdullah Park
| Duration: 75 mins
| Each session has a capacity of 12 people
| Recommended for adults 18+


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