From 06/11/2022 to 16/11/2022 FESTIVAL

Bright Moon

The use of masking is a popular and effective technique in airbrushing and wash painting. Here’s an introduction to masking for children, showing them how to create a stunning moon picture using a simple mask which is removed once the painting is finished. The results look out of this world!

• Children will us a circular mask using low-tac adhesive spray onto a board
• Liquid paint is then dropped or splattered liberally and a straw is used to blow the paint around the board.
• Once dried, the adhesive circular mask is removed leaving a perfect bright moon with colorful background.

Learning Outcomes
• The use of masking to create professional effects.
• Using air flow as a method of painting (pushing paint around a canvas).
• Imagining the outcome of the mask’s removal so as to create the most dramatic effect once it is finally removed.

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