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Artist Reflections at Wadi Hanifa Park
From 16/11/2022 to 16/11/2022 FESTIVAL

Artist Reflections at Wadi Hanifa Park

Artists Bashaer Al Hawsawi, Gisela Colon, Sarah Brahim, Ahaad Alamoudi and Abdullah Al Othman are showing work at Wadi Hanifa Park. Each has a story to tell about the deep personal connection between their art, nature and this special place.

Join us on a walk along the bank of the wadi as we delve into the artists’ process and gain insights from artists and curators: those who are drawn to the wadi, not only for its serenity and natural context, but also for its reflection of artistic themes such as life, renewal and memory.

Following the experience, you may wish to walk to Sarah Brahim’s Da Anima performance film under the viaduct and immerse yourself in the experience.

| Location: Wadi Hanifa Park (Meeting point: across the road from the spiral tower)
| Duration: 90 mins
| Each group has a capacity of 12 people
| Recommended for adults 18+
| Perfect for a barbecue afterwards


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